Digital Strategist, Marketer & Product Developer

Ade Camilleri forms part of the Media Plan Group 

A leading provider of bespoke digital products and services

Digital Marketing

As a competitor intelligence analyst, digital marketing professional and product developer, Ade Camilleri will offer services to assist public and private companies achieve and maintain rapid growth using bespoke digital marketing products and market intelligence software


Providing companies a digital footprint marketing service magnifies any existing virtual identity by reproducing websites, blogs and digital content in multiple version and formats across a mix of web 2.0, social media, profiling and mirrored websites. This has proven to contribute to the overall growth of corporations and increase their digital exposure beyond their corporate website.

Competitor Intelligence

Ade Camilleri implements his product developer expertise in game and mobile app development with digital products ranging from mobile apps, communication products, casino games, website games and social media apps to contribute to the growth of brands and existing databases of clients and customers.

Product Development

Campaign monitoring and campaign hacking results in reduced marketing spend and a higher ROI for companies. These strategies allow for the purposeful and coordinated monitoring of your competitors to ensure that the results have a positive effect on your overall online campaign. 

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